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Ralf Gum Album Review- In My City


Selected as the best South African dance album for 2014 by iTunes, In My City reaffirms that house heads truly appreciate only the best in terms of house music. Released this year under GOGO Music, Ralf Gum does what he does best and makes you appreciate the beauty of deep, soulful house with this ten track album.


Every song is perfectly well executed. In My City is the perfect replica of what good soulful house music is. Each song on the album is accompanied with exceptional vocals from a selection of talented singers. It’s quite clear that Gum wanted only the talented best when it comes to the vocalists featured on this album. He features the likes of Monique Bingham, Portia Monique, Omar, Jocelyn Mathieu and legendary South African Jazz musician Bra Hugh Masekela amongst others. Bra Hugh Masekela is featured on two songs, ‘With her hand’ and ‘In the City’ respectively. ‘In the City’ is a timeless, afro deep song with a touch of Bra Hugh’s legendary trumpet. After all, one can’t expect anything less with these two generations of pure musical talent.

 ‘Love Core’ is also one of our favourite songs on the album. Omar’s amazing vocals to the song are just spectacular. ‘Free’ on the other hand, coupled with beautiful vocals from the gorgeous Portia Monique, has been an absolute hit in the local dance scene. However, the song that has been on top of music charts lately is of course ‘The Pap’. Ralf Gum teams up once again with American songbird Monique Bingham on this one. The last time these two teamed up was in 2012 when they brought us the mega hit ‘Take Me To My Love’. Ralf Gum also features South African songbird KB on the song ‘My Angel’.

This is one of those albums that will have you not skipping a single track. Everything from the percussions to the melodies is just on point. In My City is the perfect embodiment of the best of soulful and deep house music.

The title of the album is influenced by Ralf Gum’s decision to make South Africa his new home back in 2012. This is Gum’s third studio album, whose music career dates back to 1990. His musical impeccability has made him one of the best and highly acclaimed deep house producers in the world.

Every song on this album is perfectionism at its best. It’s quite clear that Ralf Gum wanted to take his time with this album and come up with a masterpiece. If you appreciate soulful deep house, then this album is for you.


Rating: 9/10