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Songbird Jackie Queens Talks About Her Hit Single 'Conqueror'

By Molebogeng Mangoale

If you've heard the track 'Conqueror', the lady behind the vocals is 32 year old Jackie Queens,  a Zimbabwean songbird currently living in Cape Town. Not only is Jackie Queens a great singer but she is a mom, writer and a true lover for music. Her new single which has Enoo Napa's magic touch to it, has been supported by the likes of DJ Black Coffee. We caught up with the songbird to talk about the jam and also to find out more about who she is.

 Give us a brief description of who you are. Who exactly is Jackie Queens? How old are you? Where are you from?

Jackie Queens is a vocalist, mum, sometimes writer and lover of music. I am 32, originally from Zimbabwe but I’ve lived in Cape Town for 8 years now. I like to think of Jackie Queens as a passion project primarily because singing is one of the many things I do, but as JQ I’m exploring a more creative and open side of myself.

How did you get involved in house music?

It all started when I met my good friend Dyce Jones 5 years ago. At the time he was producing house music and he asked me to write to a couple of his tracks.  I grew up listening to house music so it was always a genre I wanted to explore. From there it was a series of fortunate connections really. Mostly spurred on by passing around stuff I’d recorded for remixes and also through soundcloud, reaching out to producers whose music I liked.

Which artists have you worked with previously?

I have dabbled in quite a few genres which has resulted in me working with artists from all over. Cepta from New Zealand whom I did some drum and bass with, hip hop artist Well$, Dj Satelite of Angola, Luka of We Go Deep and Soulfaktor from the group BFG from Durban. I have forthcoming projects with Dj Parapeople of Angola and on the homefront Soundquest, Enoo Napa and XtetiqSoul.

Tell us about your new single ‘Conqueror’.

Conqueror is actually the first song I recorded as Jackie Queens. So the song holds a really special place in my heart. I wrote the song for myself really. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are enough. As we are, we are complete for all that we need to accomplish. So that’s how the lyrics came about. Dyce Jones passed on my vocals to Enoo Napa and he created this magical remix which I didn’t even know about for a while. What began as bootleg eventually became an official release purely because the song is that good and I have Enoo Napa to thank for that.

Click Below To Listen To The Single:

Who/ what are your musical influences?

My influences are vast. I listen to a lot of jazz, soul and house music. I am not great at listening to the latest stuff my playlist is often stuck in the 90s or early 2000s haha! I’m a huge fan of the Soulection movement though so that’s pretty much the only thing I follow really closely in the now as well as afrobeats and UK grime. All of that comes together to create what some have called a pop style in my singing I guess. I also love disco or anything with a disco influence and that certainly comes through in some of my stuff.

Who do you wish to collaborate with in the industry one day?

Bhoddi Satva, Black Motion and Hallex M.

Is house music where you are headed as a vocalist?

For now it is. Purely because I am enjoying myself and I kind of need to establish a certain sound to go along with this voice. But I’m not averse to exploring other genres too. I have before and I am pretty sure I will again.