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The Countdown to Culoe De Song’s Album Is Almost Over

By Molebogeng Mangoale

In a series of social media teasers, Culoe De Song has given us snippets of what we can expect from his much anticipated 2016 album. The renowned DJ, who has been touring across the world, is expected to drop his fourth studio album any moment from now.


Since House music fans heard last year that the young master would be releasing a musical project this year, the news has been met with excitement, hysteria and on our part, unshakeable nerves as we can’t wait to finally hear what Culoe De Song has been brewing in studio.  Although we don’t know when the release date is and it hasn’t been confirmed what the name of the album is too, predictions from fans are that it will be called Washa- a Zulu word that’s repeated numerous times in the audio teasers that Culoe shared on social media last week.

What stands out from what we’ve heard so far from these audios is the exquisite storytelling of the people of Guzu and their mighty King Gaza. The underlying message is their great belief in the power of Umculo-music. The use of drums in these audios create an intense suspense and intrigue, literally giving one goose bumps of what the entire album will sound like. Last year in December, Culoe  shared a couple of snippets of songs that can be expected from the new album, with songs like ‘Conversation With God’, ‘Rejoice’, ‘No Man’s Land’ and the much loved ‘Umoya’ set to be on the tracklist.

His previous album Exodus which earned him a Metro FM award for Best Male Artist in 2014 and had hits like ‘No Contest’ and ‘My Sunshine’ amongst others, followed more of a commercial appeal which proved the ability of the young DJ to satisfy any audience through his versatility of music production. However, judging by what he has given us so far in terms of his upcoming album, it sounds like Culoe will be taking the ancestral, tribal and spiritual route that made most us fall in love with his music.

Now the people of Guzu, do your feet possess enough spirit to stomp the heavenly grounds and send praises to the gods through Umculo?

Culoe De Song, we are waiting...


Image: Michelle Wastie Photography